The Réunion des Gastronomes was formed officially in London in August 1899 with the object of endeavoring to raise the standards of hotel keeping and catering; of promoting stability of employment; and of exchanging ideas and opinions of value on all questions concerning the profession. Made up of many of the senior figures from the hotel and catering industry the objects are as important today as they were then.

The organisation, set up in the last days of the nineteenth century, was devised to protect in any way possible, the interests of its members. It also has a mission to develop, support and promote the culinary arts.


General Secretary
Vic Laws MBE
Bourne House
Horsell Park
GU21 4LY


William A. Brogan (Bill)
Hon Treasurer
Martin Dibben
Hon Almoner
Neville Watson
Vice President
Paul Evans FIH
General Secretary
Vic Laws MBE

Past Presidents & Ex Officio

Alison Frith
W Vincent
S Pradier
P.R Rossiter FIH
A Bannister
G E Bamford
C Briere-Edney
D M Brockett
D A Brown
B M W-C Clivaz
D J Cowdery
A G Fairbrass
G E Goring OBE
A Hyndman
D A Morgan-Hewitt
B E G Puxley
S J Roberts