Do you know someone who could benefit from a series of different stages (work experience/training) in an interesting range of organisations, plus all the mentoring and cachet associated with winning our new award? They might be in your team already, or perhaps it’s someone you know personally or have worked with in the past?

If so, please direct them to our website to complete the entry form for the new Reunion des Gastronomes Award 2017. This new award has been given a great deal of thought and planning by the committee and needs your support. It is open to anyone of any age following a career in food and beverage services and working at a supervisory or management level. What’s more, applicants who would already qualify for membership will be offered the opportunity to become a member.

So please give this your consideration and encourage people to enter.

Many thanks in anticipation

Serge Pradier, President


Identifying and encouraging excellence in professional food and beverage services

The Réunion des Gastronomes Award:

  • Provides a unique opportunity for learning and advancement supported by members of the Réunion.
  • Provides support for people following a career in food and beverage services, who also have the future potential for full membership of the Réunion.
  • Is open to anyone working full-time, at a supervisory/management level, in food and beverage services in the hospitality industry, within the United Kingdom.

All Finalists receive:

  • Invitations to attend two Gastronome Events.
  • Finalist Certificate.

In addition the Winner receives:

  • Opportunities for short stages (two-day) in up to four operations.
  • Invitations to attend up to five Gastronome Events within a period of one year.
  • Mentoring by Gastronome members throughout the year.
  • Associate membership of the Réunion for up to four years.
  • Award Certificate.

Sectors for stages include:

  • Hotels, Business and Industry, Clubs, Universities and Colleges, Historic, Restaurants, Consultancy, Facilities Management.


  • The nomination process is open and is industry wide.
  • Members are encouraged to put forward potential applicants for the Award.

Application requirements:

  • Completion of written application form by the applicant.
  • Submission of an up-to-date Curriculum Vita.
  • Statement of support and endorsement by the employer/manager.
  • Names and address of one industry professional that can support the application.
  • Written responses to four requirements (in no more than 50 words for each)
  1. Briefly explain what you consider to be your TWO major achievements in your career to date.
  2. Describe ONE example of how you have updated your knowledge and skills in the past year.
  3. Identify ONE sector stage you would like the Award to include and explain why.
  4. Identify and briefly explain TWO benefits, for your career, you will hope to gain from winning Réunion des GastronomeS Award 2017.

Process of assessment:

  • Receipt of applications.
  • Initial screening of applications to identify shortlist for interviews.
  • Initial interviews based on the answers to the four entry requirements and future career aspirations.
  • Selection of Finalists – normally no more than three.
  • Invitation to Finalists to attend at least one event, and be at a table with at least one of the panel members.
  • Final interviews and decision on Winner.
  • All Finalists to attend the Annual Banquet for the presentation of the Winner.

Panel members:

  • The panel will be appointed by the committee from within the working party.
  • There will be three panel members who will undertake the assessment process and then make the recommendation for the Award.

Conferment of the Award:

  • The Award will normally be presented by the President at the Annual Banquet.


  • The application process is open and is industry wide.
  • Nominations are to be made using the official form.
  • Members are encouraged to nominate potential applicants for the Award.
  • Applicants must be employed full-time, at a supervisory/management level, in the provision of food and beverage services within the United Kingdom. There is no age limitation.
  • Applications from those who would already qualify for membership will be offered the opportunity to apply to become a member.
  • Applicants must provide evidence in writing that appropriate time, mentoring and support will be given for the duration of the Award. If an applicant changes their occupation during the Award process, there will be a requirement for a new endorsement.
  • Applicants should be able to provide evidence of their own education, training and career achievements. Ideally they should be looking towards a long future career in food and beverage services.
  • Only entries made through the official entry process will be accepted.
  • No handwritten entries will be accepted.
  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, delayed or damaged in any way. Copies of entries must be kept by applicants for future reference as correspondence cannot be returned.
  • The organisers reserve the right to use and publish any submitted entry material.
  • The panel’s decision at each stage of the assessment process is final and no correspondence will be entered into. General feedback on the applications will be provided.
  • Where one of the panel members is known to any of the entrants for any reason he, or she, will stand out of any discussion about that application. This is to avoid any potential conflict of interest and ensure the integrity of the Award assessment process is maintained.
  • The Award is as set out on the website, and is correct at the time of publishing. The opportunities will be available during the 12 months following the confirmation of the Award. However should any opportunities become unavailable for any reason, the organisers reserve the right to vary or amend them to at least be equivalent or better. No cash alternatives are available
  • For the Finalists and Award winner, where expenses are not already covered, reasonable out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed by the Rénunion, on submission of a claim supported by receipts.
  • Applicants enter and take part in the process at their own risk. The organisers disclaim all and any liability to the Award winner in respect of their participation in the activities of the Award.
  • The organisers waive any responsibility for any tax liability resulting from the Award.