Simon Esner Founder / Director Sense F&B Ltd A senior executive with a proven track record in creating successful, sustainable businesses, resulting in sales and profit growth. A proven ability to develop and motivate high performing teams that exceed targets consistently.

This is achieved through 45 plus years of management experience in both the B2C and B2B service sectors. A chef by training, I moved from the kitchen into management roles more than 30 years ago.

My dedication to my teams, and my perseverance in ensuring that they are provided with the best training, outstanding rewards, and ability to build truly successful sales careers has led to the sales teams I have developed becoming the most stable teams in the food service and hospitality sector. I have made it my absolute goal to ensure that my teams are sufficiently equipped not only with the best skill set, but also the tools to achieve the demanding targets placed on them.

My approach to business development was nationally recognised in 2013 with the award of The National Sales Award for Sales Director of The Year.[1]announced-2013-national-sales-awards/

In 2017 I was awarded the top accolade at the Foodservice Cateys 2017. One of the highest benchmarks within the hospitality industry, the Foodservice Cateys Outstanding Contribution Award (Caterlyst Article) for my work both as a sales director at WSH Ltd as well as my commitment to industry charities Springboard and Hospitality Action.

I am proud to still be a trustee and board member of Hospitality Action.

In 2020 I founded SENSE F&B Ltd., which is a coaching, NED and Mentoring business focused on empowering individuals and teams to improve and enhance their careers, business and or company strategies. Trading as Uncommon Sense. We work with everyone from Sales Directors to Executive Strategic Directors and have helped companies go from zero to £50m in annual sales, year on year, achieving double digit % growth as they do. How do we do this? By transforming the way people communicate.