So, when a football player retires, they hang up their boots – not too sure these days what a hotel general manager “hangs up” maybe they just check out.
Anyway, after well over 40 years in this wonderful industry, I have now retired and can reflect on a career that has given me so much.
All those years ago when I started out as a callow trainee manager, I never could have dreamt that I would have such a fulfilling career.
This industry has given me the opportunity to work in some great parts of the world and learn so much about different cultures, work with so many amazing people and develop enduring friendships with some wonderful colleagues as well as hotel guests.
I have so enjoyed being able to assist so many members of staff over the years as their careers develop and flourish and I will continue to watch with pride as they continue their hotel journeys.
At an early time in my career, I realized that hotels were not just another job, they effectively were a way of life and everything else had to fit in around the demands of the job, so it will be nice to have more time with family and friends.
Retirement gives Karen and myself the opportunity to travel and holiday extensively, and also as a late in life enthusiast to golf, to enjoy time on various golf courses and hopefully improve my game!
Thank you to all the great people I have had the privilege to work with and every best wish for the future