The Reunion des Gastronomes formed officially in London in August 1899. The membership comprised of senior figures from the hotel and catering industry as indeed it does today. Though nowadays terminology boasts a membership from the Hospitality Industry. Indeed, what is the Hospitality Industry? It is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodgings, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism and employs a vast collation of staff encompassing many sectors. Solicitors, Accountants, Chefs, Cooks, Service Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Maintenance Staff – Plumbing, Heating Engineers, Cleaners, the list is endless.

So, when someone says that they are in ‘catering’ that doesn’t mean that they wash dishes as such – they will have a craft and a skill that has been learnt over a period. To be in the Hospitality Industry you must have dedication and commitment – it is not a ‘job’ it’s a ‘way of life’. Many who survive their early days. and continue will affirm to you how rewarding it is in so many ways and that’s not necessarily financially.

Gastronomy strives to relate the art of preparing, cooking, and serving food whether rich, delicate, or just simple but to be appetising and flavoursome. Exploring constantly and seeking new combinations as produce is available.

Of course, there are culinary organisations everywhere that challenge each other and stretch the imagination but none so refined or as historically adverse as a collection of professional hospitality people, talking the same language and collectively addressing the concerns of the industry today. Surviving the Covid Pandemic and pioneering new ways of working and employing.

Meeting regularly to converse is essential and what better way than over a plate of food and a glass or two of wine. Enjoy an example of our journey.