About Membership

About membership

The Réunion welcomes membership applications from:

  • Owners, senior executives, and senior managers who are involved in the provision of professional food and beverage services.
  • Aspiring proprietors, senior executives and senior managers who are on a career path in the provision of professional food and beverage services.
  • Hospitality professionals at proprietor, senior executive, and senior manager levels, who are employed in establishments / organisations that provide food and beverage services.

By being a member of the Réunion, you will become part of one of the oldest culinary associations, where you will:

  • be part of an association made up of senior figures from the hotel and catering industry  
  • be able to attend, and invite guests to, a range of unique and exclusive gastronomic events at special rates   
  • have the opportunity to share experiences with others and exchange ideas and opinions concerning the profession
  • support the development and promotion of the culinary arts.
  • contribute to raising the standards of hotel keeping and catering, and promote the stability of employment

Process for applications
The requirements for applications are set out on the Applications page of the website.

Rules of the Réunion

The rules of the association are set out on the Rules page of the website.

Membership fees
Joining Fee – £100.00
Town Membership – £90.00
Country Membership – £75.00
Overseas Membership – £45.00
Retired Membership – £40.00
Associate Membership – £45.00

Fees correct at April 2019 and are subject to annual review.