Applications process for all categories of membership
Membership of the Réunion is by invitation.  All applications for membership need to be supported by a Proposer and Seconder who are both current members of the Society.

Your Proposer and Seconder will provide a statement supporting your application. The content of both the Proposer and Seconder statement must include:

  • Candidate Name
  • Capacity of support: Proposer or Seconder
  • The length of time the Proposer or Seconder has known you (minimum three years) and in what capacity
  • A statement of support of no less than 50 words

You will need to provide a letter of application, supported by an up-to-date CV. The requirements for the content of the letter of application are:

  • Full name including titles and designations
  • Business address including e-mail and telephone number
  • Private address including email and telephone number
  • An indication of the address, and other contact details, to be used for correspondence
  • Date of birth – unless this is already on the CV
  • The name and address of your Proposer and Seconder
  • A statement of no less than 50 words on why you want to become a Member of the Réunion des Gastronomes and how you might contribute to the objectives of the Society.
  • A photograph, suitable to be loaded onto the website, together with your profile of no more than 100 words. Note: Unless you indicate otherwise, your contact details will be published in the annual membership book, which is circulated to members only for internal use.

Your Proposer is responsible for collecting all the documents and forwarding them to:
General Secretary.
Reunion des Gastronomes
37 Barons Court Road
London W14 9DZ
Tel: 020 7385 8859 Email:

Once the documents are received from your Proposer the Honorary Secretary will acknowledge and submit the application to the committee for approval. This process may take a few weeks so please be patient.

You will be invoiced by the Treasurer once your application has been approved.

When you attend your first supper, after approval, please advise the Honorary Treasurer on the booking form so the President may present you with your badge and membership book.