This writer has already scribed a missive on the history and connections the Gastronomes has with Mosimann’s – though more would be revealed.

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Thankfully a dry and pleasant evening in late February the ‘Nomes’ as they are colloquially referred to, gathered for their monthly dinner at Mosimann’s in Belgravia. Belgravia seems like a land where you need to have your passport – with its elegant palatial white buildings where tucked away in West Halkin Street is Mosimann’s, a deconsecrated Scottish Presbyterian Church.

Arriving in the lobby is like arriving at a cosy country house and then as you progress into the main body of the building a huge area with high ceiling and a balcony edging round the outer walls. We were escorted upstairs for a Lanson

Black Label Reserve Champagne Reception – Gastronomes had turned out in numbers with many familiar faces and new ones as well. Canapes of differing kinds were passed as hunger stoppers and the atmosphere was vibrant and distracting.

Dinner was called and we all took our places in the Main Dining Room below – round tables tucked in between the pillars extending convivial conversations.

The President, Alison Frith welcomed all and then introduced Past President, Chris Briere-Edney who talked about past member Adrian Bannister.


Grace was said by the Gastronomes Chaplain, Rev. Roddy Leece followed by another address about past member, George Goring.


The President then was delighted to welcome three new members.

Dinner commenced.

A marinated Salmon and Dorset Crab with Spring Onions, Herbs and a Lemon Dressing complimented by a Domaine Jean-Paul Picard Mosimann’s Sancerre 2020, Loire Valley.

Main course was served – Seared Fillet of British Beef, Red Wine Sauce, Rosemary Potatoes and Market Vegetables – poured Mosimann’s Cap de Faugeres Cotes de Castillon, Bordeaux 2013.

Pudding a classic Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream followed by Coffee and Petit Fours.

The customary toasts to The Queen, The Guests, Town Members, Country Members and Retired Members and of course Sante du Chef and Service – glasses were raised.

The most interesting part of the evening were the number of Gastronomes and Guests that claimed a connection with the Mosimann legacy. So many had worked directly with or indirectly with Anton and he had clearly made an impression on their lives and careers. This legacy now perpetuated by his sons joining the business.

The gathering of the Gastronomes celebrates something very special about the Hospitality Industry. For those that stand the test of time, despite the cries of unsociable long hours, there is a rich culture of kinship and understanding amongst these people of ‘service’ to others. Though the industry has suffered immensely over the past two years – the optimism, diversity and resilience still shine.

The industry provides such a diverse spectrum of opportunities for those willing to take up the baton – not a job – a way of life that you have every hour and every day – multi skills that you acquire and hosts of interesting and entertaining people that you meet.

The Dinner at Mosimann’s was a testament to the very heart of the Hospitality Industry and  its ‘Family’ that expands over the generations.


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