Don Irwin is not only President of The League of Club Chefs, but he is also a founder member and Vice President of the Craft Guild of Chefs.

He started his career with a five-year indentured apprenticeship in the hotel industry. His club career spans 3 decades and includes 10 years as Head Chef of The East India Club, 8 years as Head Chef of The Carlton Club and 10 years heading up the kitchens at The Farmers Club. His other appointments include Head Chef at The Ship Hotel in Weybridge and Grocers Hall in London.

Don has also owned and ran two restaurants, The Old Hoops in Saffron Walden and The Alma Mater in Wandsworth.

He is an international judge of many years standing and has recently taken semi-retirement but still cooks lunches for 30 people in an old people’s home.

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